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White PALSave logo against green backgroundPALNI Affordable Learning Program

Accessible PALSave 2022/2023 Year in Review Infographic

  • The top of the image contains a decorative color block bar with the PALNI logo in the righthand corner
  • Below the decorative bar is a large, centered PALSave logo
  • Under the PALSave logo is a heading that reads "PALSave Program Year in Review," and under that reads "2022/2023"
  • Beneath the year is a green, two-column bar that reads "Top 3 Savings Leaderboard (Cumulative estimates)" on the left and "Top 3 New Savings (Dollars saved in 2023-23)" on the right
  • Under "Top 3 Savings Leaderboard" are listed three schools' logos in numerical order: 1. Butler University - $171,094 saved, 2. Marian University - $166,205 saved, and 3. Trine University - $148,745 saved.
  • Under "Top 3 New Savings" are listed three schools' logos in numerical order: 1. Trine University - $29,572 saved, 2. Anderson University - $26,350 saved, and 3. Manchester University, $16,210 saved.
  • Below these two columns is a new section divided by a blue block that reads "Performance Indicators (this academic year)"
  • Underneath the section heading are four columns they read from left to right: Student Success; Course Transformations; OER Awareness, Education & Engagement; and Estimated Student Savings
  • Under the Student Success category is a gold icon of an open book with the statistic: "99% of students reporting positive or neutral impact on studies with zero-cost resources." Below that statistic is a decorative gold image of an A+, with the statistic: "99% of students reporting positive or neutral impact on grades with zero-cost resources." 
  • Under the Course Transformations category is a gold circle with the number 88 inside. Below it reads" "Course transformations with Redesign Grants." 
  • Beneath the OER Awareness, Education & Engagement category are statistics reading: 7 courses transformed, 62 reviews written (with a gold decorative icon of a paper and pushpin), and 4.6/5 average review rating.
  • Beneath Estimated Student Savings is a gold icon of three people holding up a gold bar that reads: $164,765. Below it is text that says in parentheses: Avg. of $57.13 per student.
  • At the bottom of the infographic are three rectangular boxes. The first box (bottom left) has green checkmarks in the background and reads: All PALNI schools have participated in PALSave!
  • The second box (middle bottom) is blue and has a heading that reads Content Production. Below it is the following text: 15 Textbook Creation Grant projects in progress and one complete, "The Bible and Music" by James McGrath!
  • The third box (bottom right) is green, with a rising thermometer icon on the left-hand side. Text within the box and to the right of the thermometer reads: $2.2 million! Goal $1,000,000. Five year savings projection from zero cost courses reported so far.