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White PALSave logo against green backgroundPALNI Affordable Learning Program

Graphic that reads PALSave Course Redesign Grants: adopt a zero-cost textbook, get a $500 stipend! With a photo of a hand holding a stylus and highlighting words on an ebook

Course Redesign Grants

Apply, learn, redesign. Applications open!

Are you a faculty member at a PALNI-supported institution considering switching to a zero-cost textbook? If so, PALNI invites you to participate in the PALSave Course Redesign Program. As the recent recipient of a five-year Lilly Endowment, Inc. grant to support our affordable learning initiative, PALSave will be offering $500 stipends to faculty as an incentive to adopt zero-cost textbooks. 

Note: Please add PALSave and Erin Milanese to your email contacts to prevent important information regarding your grant application from going to spam. 

Zero-cost textbooks may include open educational resources (OER), library ebooks, or other materials available to students at no additional cost.

If selected, PALNI will provide you:

  • A module-based learning guide for adopting a zero-cost textbook
  • Support for the textbook adoption process through email consultation and/or web office hours
  • A $500 stipend

In order to receive the stipend, participants will be expected to provide (by the start of the course): 

  • Review the Zero-Cost Textbook Adoption learning modules
  • Verification of the change from commercial to zero-cost textbook via syllabus submission
  • Agreement to follow up with mid- and/or post-semester information. Includes the following:
    • Student Perception Survey 
    • Student Success Tracker
    • PALSave Course Tracker (number of students, previous textbook)

To apply, please fill out the application at this link, and include a short personal statement addressing these questions: Why are you interested in adopting a zero-cost textbook? What are your barriers? What do you hope to learn by participating in this program?

Any questions may be directed to Amanda Hurford or Erin Milanese.

Past Participants