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White PALSave logo against green backgroundPALNI Affordable Learning Program

Graphic design banner with JSTOR logo that reads: JSTOR for course material. Select, purchase, adopt. The PALSave logo is above the text.

JSTOR for Course Material

Are you considering more affordable alternatives to costly course materials?

We’re pleased to announce a one-time, Lilly Endowment grant-funded program to purchase a limited amount of JSTOR ebooks published in the last three years for students to use as course materials. This program provides another zero-cost option in addition to open textbooks. Once purchased, the ebooks are available for unlimited concurrent use, downloadable as a DRM-free PDF, and are permanently owned by the participating institution. This program launched in December 2020 and will be available as long as funds permit.

To participate:

  1. Contact your librarian for a complete list of available titles.
  2. Review titles as potential replacement course material.
  3. Access content by logging into the JSTOR platform from your library’s website.
  4. Let your librarian know when you have selected an ebook you would like the library to purchase with grant funds.
  5. Adopt the zero-cost text in your course. Consider applying for a $500 PALSave Course Redesign Grant.

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