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Future Systems Investigation

Information Quick Guide

Navigate to any of the following pages for the latest information on the PALNI Future Systems Investigation process.


In 2022, PALNI began investigating future systems possibilities that may better support its libraries' needs while containing costs and allowing for more innovation and deeper collaboration. 

There are a number of resources you can access from this website for more information or to engage in the future systems investigation process. If you have any questions, contact PALNI Associate Director Noah Brubaker or Executive Director Kirsten Leonard

Board Key Identified Priorities

The PALNI Board of Directors participated in several exercises and discussions to determine key priorities for the investigation, including a focus on flat or declining library budgets and staffing concerns. 

  • Need for cost sustainability
  • Increase partnerships between PALNI libraries and with external groups and organizations
  • People and services to be prioritized over systems
  • Retain agency of PALNI libraries
  • Simple systems, with complexity if needed, for sharing expertise

Ways to Get Involved

There are a number of opportunities for the PALNI community to participate in the Future Systems Investigation process. No matter your role or the level of involvement you wish to have, we welcome your input! You can participate by:

  • Creating needs specifications
  • Scanning the literature and conferences
  • Researching and testing
  • Participating in group discussion, and more

To become involved in the process, fill out the form below. 

Future Systems Investigation Participation Form