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Strategic Framework 2024-2027

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Approved by the PALNI Board
February 23, 2024

In response to rapid changes in the education landscape and recognition of PALNI's broad scope, the consortium has developed the Strategic Framework 2024-2027. The framework empowers PALNI with greater agility to meet the needs of our supported institutions.

To support student success, PALNI adjusts action plans on a quarterly basis to address evolving challenges and opportunities—ensuring we optimize our time, expertise, and resources.

View PALNI's archived strategic plans:

Framework Pillars

Student Success (First Priority)

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Improve student success and retention through partnerships that support and strengthen library services (e.g. RIO, Shared collections, etc.)


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Contribute to educational affordability and sustainability through collaborative investments in expertise, services, and resources (e.g. PALSave, shared system costs, etc.)

Services & Systems

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Investigate and provide services & systems to meet changing institutional needs (e.g. [future system], Hyku, CONTENTdm, PALshare, etc.)

Shared Expertise

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Cultivate library staff expertise and facilitate collaboration to enhance capacity, agility, and effectiveness (e.g. Coordinators, Watercoolers, RIO, professional development funding, etc.)

Outreach & Engagement

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Communicate the value and impact of PALNI, academic libraries, and the library staff (e.g. PALNI website, reports, campus meetings, etc.)

Framework Foundation

Mission and Core Values

Approved April 26, 2024

The people of PALNI libraries collaborate to provide high-quality support for student learning and effective teaching aligned with our institutional missions through shared institutional investments in expertise, services, resources, and partnerships.

Commitment to Deep Collaboration

Deep collaboration is the commitment that allows PALNI's supported organizations to do more together than alone. It is a deliberate attempt to work more efficiently and effectively at a larger scale.