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Introducing Scholarly Communication at Scale blog

PALNI Scholarly Communications Director Amanda Hurford has built upon the past efforts of PALNI members and staff to update and operationalize the blog, Scholarly Communication at Scale,

Scholarly Communication at Scale specific purpose is to provide scholarly communication information in a way that is relevant and digestible to seekers of all types and skill levels, and scalable to institutions of various size and experience.  Initiatives and information to be covered include open access, scholarly publishing, institutional repositories, affordable education initiatives, digitization, preservation, copyright, and author rights, among others.

Many PALNI members and outside readers may be interested in scholarly communications, but don't have time to research topics in this evolving field. As PALNI's Scholarly Communications Director, Amanda Hurford has committed to staying abreast and sharing pertinent [or the most influential] schol comm news, scholarship, and professional development activities by aggregating vital news from many sources in one place.

The site uses a plugin called PressForward, which allows it to collect content via a feed reader and a bookmarklet tool from sources such as The Idealis, The Scholarly Kitchen, In the Open, Creative Commons, SPARC, various open access journals, and more.

You can subscribe to get an email for every post, or PALNI members may wait for a weekly digest via the Hub. Please contact PALNI Scholarly Communications Director Amanda Hurford for more information.

Written by: Amanda Hurford, Scholarly Communications Director