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All Course Redesign Grants (Courses)

Name   Institution Class Textbook choice
Jessalyn Bird   Saint Mary's (In)famous Women: History, myth and legend Compiled books and selections from Saint Mary's library
Elizabeth Morton   Wabash College 20th and 21st Century Art Licensed content from Wabash library
Emily Abel Wabash College Abnormal Psychology Fundamentals of Psychological Disorders
Lynn Ishikawa DePauw University Academic English Seminar I Sound Writing and Writing Spaces
Kayla Birt Flegal   DePauw University Academic Excellence Seminar Compiled reader
Tamara Stasik   DePauw University Academic Writing Seminar Writing in College
Karen Quandt Wabash College Accelerated Elementary French Fracais Interactif
Kenneth Douglas Saint Mary's College Acoustics of Musical Instruments Sound: An Interactive eBook
Alissa Russell Saint Mary's College Adult Development and Aging Psychology Through the Lifespan & Lifespan Development
Joseph Frentzel Grace College Advanced Anatomy & Physiology I & II  
Paul Michael Johnson
  DePauw University Advanced Composition in Spanish Spanish Grammar Manual & Advanced Spanish Conversation & Composition
Sarah Klanderman   Marian University Advanced Geometry Introduction to Axiomatic Geometry
Alexis Smith Hanover College Advanced Intermediate German Grimm Grammar
Josh Pranger Trine University Advanced Parametric Design Compiled Resources
Lainey Collins   University of Indianapolis Advanced Research in Social Work Social work Coursebook
Jeffrey Phillips   Hanover College Aeronautical Engineering Introduction to Aerospace Structures and Materials
Julia Angstamnn   Butler University Agroecology Compiled readings
Elizabeth Kuebler-Wolf University of Saint Francis American Art to 1945 Seeing America
Leah Milne   University of Indianapolis American Literature II Writing the Nation
Laura Merrifield Wilson
  University of Indianapolis American National Government American Government 2e
Elizabeth Davis   Butler University Analytical Chemistry Analytical Chemistry 2.1 (Harvey
Patrick McVey   Marian University Analytical Chemistry Analytical Chemistry 2.1
Hilary Florian   Franklin College Analytical Chemistry Analytical Chemistry 2.1
Lynne Kvapil   Butler University Ancient Greek Perspectives Compiled readings
Matthew Hopf University of Saint Francis Applied Anatomy for Exercise Science  
Jeanette Pope   DePauw University Applied Hydrogeology Compiled resources in LMS
Cara Miller   Anderson University Appreciation of the Writing Craft
Lynne Kvapil Butler University Archaeology of the Dead Digging into Archaeology
Merrill Krabill   Goshen College Art and the Sacred An Introduction to Art: Design, Context and Meaning
Arbin Thapaliya   Franklin College Astronomy Astronomy
Andrew Hartzler   Goshen College Auditing Online Becker CPA materials
Timothy M. Brauch   Manchester University Basic Mathematics Pre-Algebra 2e
Lexie Kuzmishin Nagy Earlham College Biochemistry: Protein Structure and Function Compiled Resources
Nipun Chopra   DePauw University Brain and Disease Foundations of Neuroscience
Brian Weidner   Butler University Brass Techniques I Brass Techniques and Pedagogy
Elan Pavlinich Wabash College Business and Technical Writing Howdy or Hello? Technical and Professional Communication
Kevin Miller   Huntington University Business Communication Business Communication for Success
Jay Hochstetler   Anderson University Business Law Business Law and the Legal Environment
Barbara Molargik-Fitch
  Trine University Business Law and Ethics Business Law 1
Michele Villinski   DePauw University Business Writing Management Communication
Stacy Hoehn   Franklin College Calculus I Calculus Volume 1
Patrick Eggleton   Taylor University Calculus I Active Calculus 2.0
Hector Will Oakland City University Calculus II Calculus, Volume 2
Arbin Thapaliya Franklin College Calculus-based Physics II University Physics Volume 2
Michael Slavkin Marian University Career Counseling Career/Life Planning and Personal Exploration
Emmett Smith   Earlham College Cells, Genes, & Inheritance Biology 2e
Laura Herder   Butler University Chemistry in Society Introductory Chemistry
Katie Bergman Trine University Child and Adolescent Psychology Compiled Resources
Eric Olofson   Wabash College Child Development Compiled readings
Rachel Thomas Hanover College Childhood & Adolescence Understanding the Whole Child
Kate Snyder   Hanover College Childhood & Adolescence Compiled open reader in Noba
Demetrice Smith-Mutegi
  Marian University Classroom Research I Educational Psychology
Marjorie Schaeffer Saint Mary's College Cognitive Development Compiled Resources
Janell Blunt Anderson University Cognitive Psychology Cognitive Foundations: An Aggregated open textbook
Jeffrey Kellogg   Marian University Cognitive Science Cognitive Psychology
Amy Gillan   Saint Mary's Communicating Climate Science Introduction to Climate Science
Glené Mynhardt   Hanover College Comparative Anatomy & Physiology Compiled open reader in LibreTexts
Bradley Carlson   Wabash College Comparative Anatomy and Embryology The Dissection of Vertebrates: A Laboratory Manual; through Lilly Library
Seonguk Kim   DePauw University Computatoinal Discrete Mathematics Discrete Mathematics: An Open Introduction
Jon Craton Anderson University Computer Architecture C Programming
Jon Craton   Anderson University Computer Networks Computer Networks: A Systems Approach
Tim Brooks   Hanover College Control Theory Fundamentals of Control Theory
Cheryl Kline Trine University Cost Accounting Mangerial Accounting
Andrea Bearman Trine University Creativity, Innovation, and Influence Compiled Resources
Brad Martin   Trine University Criminal Justice Agency Administration Principles of Management
Paul Bowdre   Oakland City University Criminal Justice Capstone Seminar Contemporary Issues in Criminal Justice
Barbara Molargik-Fitch
  Trine University Criminal Justice Research (SP 2021) Social Science Research: Principles, Methods, and Practices
Dianna Stankiewicz Anderson University Critical Thinking and Professional Development  
Stephanie Moran   Anderson University Critical Thinking Seminar Introduction to Logic and Critical Thinking
Rachel Davidson Hanover College Cross Cultural Communication Intercultural Communication
Jennifer Coy   Anderson University Data Structures and Algorithms CS3 Data Structures and Algorithms
Jeff Lehman   Huntington University Database Management Systems Database Design 2nd Edition
Kristopher Steege   Marian University Design for Theatre I Theatrical Worlds, Beta Version
Holly Sims Anderson University Design Thinking  
Fariba Khoshnasib-Zeinabad
  Earlham College Differential equations Elementary Differential Equations With Boundary Value Problems
Joshua Kiers Marian University Differential Equations The Ordinary Differential Equations Project
Chi Zhang Butler University Digital Marketing Digital Marketing Strategy
Molly Martin University of Indianapolis Drama I Compiled Resources
Elizabeth Schlabach   Earlham College Earlham Seminar: The Underground Railroad
Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl (open/Public domain); Licensed content from Earlham Library
Jessalynn Bird   Saint Mary's East Meets West
Compiled reading including: William of Ruburk; Confucious, and Lady Sarashina's Diary.
Stacy Stetzel   Manchester University Educational Assessment Digital Workbook on Educational Assessment Design
Mistie Potts   Manchester University Educational Psychology Educational Psychology Second Edition
Michelle Blank   Trine University Educational Psychology Educational Psychology
Timothy Brooks Hanover College Electronic Circuits and Design Lessons in Electric Circuits
Matt Brown   Earlham College Elementary Statistics Introductory Statistics
Matt Carlson   Wabash College Elementary Symbolic Logic Materials from the Open Logic Project (OLP)
Barbara Molargik-Fitch
  Trine University Employment Law (SU 2020) Introduction to Labor and Employment Law
Brittany Straub University of Saint Francis English Language Arts Methods Every Teacher is a Language Teacher and Brehe's Grammar Anatomy
Patrick Dicks Trine University Enterprise Architecture  
Katy Gray Brown Manchester University Environmental Philosophy Compiled Resources
Philip Grabowski Taylor University Environmental Science, Society and Sustainability  
Mark Norris Grace College Europe in the Age of Modernity Compiled resources
Stacy Stetzel Manchester University Exploring Educational Systems Introduction to Education
Tyler Scott   Grace College Faith, Science, and Reason Licensed content from Grace library
Melissa Bialko   Saint Mary's Fashion Ethics Compiled resources, including Business Ethics
Worth Weller Trine University Film Appreciation Moving Pictures: An Introduction to Cinema
Gabriel Vanover   Hanover College Film As Art Moving Pictures: An Introduction to Cinema
Jennie Mitchell Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College Financial Management for Not-for-Profit Organizations Financial Strategies for Public Managers
Sarah Justice   Taylor University Foundations of Cell Biology and Genetics Prinicples of Biology and Cell and Molecular Biology 4e
Renée Altergott Wabash College French Colonial History and Media Compiled Resources
Sr Monica Zore   Marian University Fundamentals and Special Applications of Calculus Applied Calculus
Cassie Gohn   Manchester University Fundamentals of Human Anatomy Teratology Primer
Zae Munn   Saint Mary's Fundamentals of Music (Theory 1) Compiled Resources
Kendra Thomas   University of Indianapolis Fundamentals of Psychological Science I: Methods Research Methods in Psychology, 4th ed.
Patrick Burton   Wabash College General Biology I Biology 2e
Barnabas Otoo   Oakland City University General Chemistry 1 Chemistry: Atoms First 2e
Scott Carr Anderson University General Chemistry I Chemistry: Atoms First 2e
Wei Wei   Franklin College General Chemistry I Chemistry 2e
Sarah Wilson   Oakland City Univesity General Chemistry I Chemistry: Atoms First
Lori A. Bolyard   University of Indianapolis General Chemistry I Chemistry-2e
Ann R. Cutler   University of Indianapolis General Chemistry II Chemistry-2e
Gregory Clark Manchester University General Physics I & II University Physics
Arbin Thapaliya   Franklin College General Physics I/II College Physics
Kristin Flora   Franklin College General Psychology Discover Psychology 2.0
Julie Reese   Goshen College General Psychology Noba: compiled General Psych resources
Xiaoqing Liu   Butler University GHS 205 An outline history of East Asia to 1200
James F. McGrath   Butler University Global and Historical Studies: China and the Islamic Middle East Compiled reader
Catherine Swick   Trine University Global Health Public Health Ethics: Global Cases, Practice, and Context.
Lynne A. Kvapil   Butler University Greek Art and Myth Theogony; Metamorphoses (library ebook); Mythology Unbound
Valerie J Young   Hanover College Health Communication Licensed content from Hanover library
Sarah Rowley DePauw University Historical Encounters: Sex & Society in Modern America Compiled Resources
Caitlin McClelland Methvin DePauw University Historicizing Sex, Gender, and Sexual Orientation in the Spanish-speaking World Compiled Resources
Catherine Pangan Butler University HN 300 Hidden Indianapolis: Investigating Historical and Scientific Elements of Place Compiled Resources
Brian Dewar   Taylor University Human Anatomy & Physiology I & II Anatomy & Physiology
Anne Bost & Amanda Ingram
  Wabash College Human Biology Concepts of Biology
Lydia Marshall   DePauw University Human Origins Compiled readings
Kathy Marra   Marian University Human Resource Management Human Resource Management
Jessalynn Bird Saint Mary's College HUST 250: Worlds of Islam Compiled Resources
Lori Watson   Earlham College Inorganic Chemistry Created Chemistry text in LibreTexts
Brad Neil   University of Indianapolis Inorganic Chemistry Inorganic Chemistry
Scott Carr   Anderson University Instrumental Analysis LibreTexts Instrumental Analysis
Jeffrey N. Phillips   Hanover College Instrumentation & Statistics Lessons in Industrial Implementation
Tim McKenna-Buchanan Manchester University INTD335 The Managed Heart (free through Manchester University library)
Worth Weller   Trine University Intercultural Communications Language and Culture in Context: A Primer on Intercultural Communication
Cheryl Kline Trine University Intermediate Accounting 1 Prinicples of Accounting
Tara Smithson   Saint Mary's Intermediate French Citoyne.Ne.S: Conversation en Fracais
Rishani De Costa Marian University Intermediate French II Compiled Resources
Lindsey Richter   Grace College Intermediate French Language and Culture Compiled articles in LMS
Alexis Smith   Hanover College Intermediate German Grenzenlos Deutsch
Wendy Westphal   Marian University Intermediate German I Used library text and OER workbook
Rosina Catalan Butler University Intermediate Greek Herodotus, The Histories
Humberto Barreto   DePauw University Intermediate Microeconomics Intermediate Microeconomics with Microsoft Excel
Mark Latta   Marian University Intro to Composition / Writing & Community EmpoWord: A Student Centered Anthology & Handbook for College Writers
Kelly Arney   Grace College Intro to Criminal Justice Introduction to the American Criminal Justice System
Pamela Haynes   Manchester University Intro to Music Resonances: Engaging music in its cultural context
Jason Varner Anderson University Intro to Peace and Conflict Transformation Words of Wisdom: Intro to Philosophy and An Introduction to Philosophy
Paul Bible   Marian University Intro to Programming Python for Everyone
Scott Carr Anderson University Introduction to Chemistry Basics of General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry
Jessica Baldanzi   Goshen College Introduction to Creative Writing Compiled articles in LMS
Rishani De Costa   Marian University Introduction to French I Fracais Interactif
Stephanie George Trine University Introduction to Human Resources Human Resource Management
Scott Kaschner   Butler University Introduction to Linear Algebra Self created text in the LMS: Linear Transformations on Vector Spaces
Cara Lee Wade University of Saint Francis Introduction to Photography Introduction to Digital Photography
Mary Saczawa Hanover College Introduction to Psychology  
Marjorie Schaeffer Saint Mary's College Introduction to Psychology Psychology 2e
Laura Stull   Anderson University Introduction to Research Methods Research Methods in Psychology
Elizabeth Ziff University of Indianapolis Introduction to Social Research An introduction to Research Methods
Colleen Wynn   University of Indianapolis Introduction to Social Research Principles of Sociological Inquiry – Qualitative and Quantitative Methods
Pete Martini   Manchester University Introduction to Sociology Introduction to Sociology 2e
Jonathon Schramm   Goshen College Introduction to Sustainability Sustaining the Commons and Sustainability: A Comprehensive Foundation
Justin Lasser   Manchester University Introduction to the Hebrew Bible Licensed content from Manchester library
Kristopher Steege   Marian University Introduction to Theatre Theatrical Worlds, Beta Version & other open and public domain resources
Shyam K. Sriram   Butler University Introduction to U.S. Politics American Government 2e
Caitlin McClelland Methvin
  DePauw University Introductory Spanish Compiled readings
Hannah Ewing Trine University Issues of Substance Abuse in the Family Sytem Compiled Resources
Francesca Seaman   DePauw University Italian Through Film Compiled selections
Daniel Jung University of Indianapolis LANG485: Capstone Seminar Compiled Resources
Farah Ali   DePauw University Language and Identity in the Latinx Experience Compiled readings
Ty West   Saint Mary's Latin American Civilization Compiled selections of open texts
Robert Brenneman   Goshen College Latin American Societies and Cultures Compiled readings and podcasts
Brittni Heiden   Trine University Leadership Compiled reader in LMS
Karen Jones Huntington University Lifespan Development for Ministry Lifespan Development: A Psychological Perspective
Marjorie Schaeffer   Saint Mary's Lifespan Developmental Psychology Human Development
Joshua Kiers Marian University Linear Algebra First Course in Linear Algebra
Matt DeLong   Marian University Linear Algebra Active Calculus - Multivariable
Caitlin McClelland Methvin DePauw University Literacy in the Spanish-Speaking World Compiled Resources
Bradley Burdick Hanover College Logic, Sets, and Relations Mathematical Reasoning: Writing and Proof
Melanie Park Huntington University Managing the Learning Environment The Classroom of Choice (free through Huntington University Library)
Colleen Fitzpatrick   Saint Mary's Marketing Communication Launch! Advertising and Promotion in Real Time
Victoria Shaw   Anderson University Marketing Research Compiled readings
John Liu   Trine University Mechatronics Compiled readings
David Baird Anderson University Media and Society Understanding Media and Culture
Duane Stoltzfus   Goshen College Media Law and Ethics Compiled articles in LMS
Chris Roman   Butler University Medical Literature Interpretation and EBM Compiled readings
Justin P'Pool   Franklin College Medicinal Chemistry and Toxicology Environmental Toxicology
Alejandra Juno Rodríguez Villar
  Hanover College Medieval & Golden Age Spain Compiled selections of open content
Michelle Bade Anderson University Methods of Teaching Music in the Public Schools  
Von Plessner   Trine University Micro and Macro Economic Decision Making Boundless Economics
Tara Smithson Saint Mary's College MLFR 111: Intermediate French I  
Tiffany Bidler Johnson
  Saint Mary's Modern Art Compiled Resources
Michael Slavkin   Marian University Multicultural Counseling JSTOR ebook from Marian Library
Julia Baumgardt   Marian University Narrativa feminina y feminista latinoamericana Voces Femeninas de Hispanoamerica
Janelle Blunt   Anderson University Neuroscience Foundations of Neuroscience
Cibele Webb Saint Mary's College Nursing Research Compiled Resources
Alisha Miller Anderson University Nutrition Health and Disease Human Nutrition 2020 Edition
Jon Craton   Anderson University Operating Systems Operating Systems and Middleware
Ed Hall   Hanover College Organic Chemistry Organic Chemistry with a Biological Emphasis
Sarah Wilson   Oakland City University Organic Chemistry I Virtual Textbook of Organic Chemistry
Hannah Ewing   Trine University Organizational Behavior Compiled readings
Anna Groff Goshen College Organizational Comm Organizational Communication
Valerie Young Hanover College Organizational Communication Organizational Communication - Theory, Research, and Practice
Thomas Trusty Trine University Organizational Emotional Intelligence Engineering Design
Alan Overstreet   Anderson University Pastoral Care and Counseling Compiled readings and ebooks. List available here.
Tricia Hersel   Trine University Personal Finance Personal Finance
Meg Streepey Smith Earlham College Petrology Open Petrology
Paul Schmidt University of Saint Francis Physics I & Physics II College Physics 2e
Nathan Tompkins   Wabash College Physics I/II - Algebra College Physics
Adelle Schwan   Trine University Political Psychology Compiled readings
Jakob Miller Taylor University POS 100 - Introduction to American Government America: The User's Manual
Jennifer Simmers Manchester University Principles of Accounting I Principles of Accounting: Financial Accounting
Angela Berger   Trine University Principles of Biology II Biology 2e
Anna Glowinski   Trine University Principles of Biology II Biology 2e
Corinne Deibel   Earlham College Principles of Chemistry Chemistry Atoms First 2e
Lori Watson   Earlham College Principles of Chemistry Chemistry Atoms First 2e
Hyeon Joon Shin   Anderson University Principles of Macroeconomics Principles of Macroeconomics
Joe Messer   Manchester University Principles of Management Principles of Management
Amanda Miller   University of Indianapolis Principles of Sociology Introduction to Sociology 2e
Ann McPherren   Huntington University Prinicples of Macroeconomics Principles of Macroeconomics
Lori Rumreich   Marian University Promotion Launch! Advertising and Promotion in Real Time
E Adelle Schwan Trine University Psychology of Addiction Pychology of Addition
E Adelle Schwan Trine University Psychology of Personality Compiled Resources
Noelany Pelc Marian University Psychology Senior Seminar (Psy 490) Compiled Resources
Rachel Davidson   Hanover College Public Communication Speak Out, Call In: Public Speaking as Advocacy
Brianne Brenneman   Goshen College Public Health Policy and Administration Compiled readings
Stefanie Leiter Anderson University Public Relations Foundations Mastering Public Relations
Jordin Clark Wabash College Public Speaking Speak Out, Call In: Public Speaking as Advocacy
Arbin Thapaliya Franklin College Radiation & Health Radiation Safety
Valerie Carson Trine University Recognizing and Mitigating Unconscious Biases Organizational Behavior
Andrew Jones   Anderson University Research in Exercise Science A mixed course-based research approach to Human Physiology
Brian Weidner   Butler University Research in Music Education (previously, Research in Music) Social Science Research: Principles, Methods & Practices, 2nd ed
Bettina Spencer   Saint Mary's Research Methods in Psychology Created LibreTexts reader
Sheila Schmitz Trine University Research Methods.  
Ryan Sensenig   Goshen College Restoration Ecology Restoration Ecology, 1st edition (provided by author)
Chelsie McCorkle University of Saint Francis Rhetoric and Composition Informed Arguments
Cara Miller   Anderson University Rhetoric and Composition basic Let's get writing: an English composition textbook.
Chelsie McCorkle University of Saint Francis Rhetoric of Inquiry Compiled Resources
Brandon Podgorski   Trine University Risk Management Risk Management for Enterprises and Individuals.
Rosina Catalan   Butler University Roman Perspectives Compiled reader
Michael Slavkin   Marian University School Counseling Practium Succeeding and your Internship: A handbook written for and with students
Catherine Pangan   Butler University Science and Social Studies Methods for the Middle Level Learner Compiled selections from Butler Library
Jason Lowmiller   Anderson University Scripting and Systems Python for Everybody: Exploring Data Using Python 3
Andrew Jones Anderson University Seminar in Exercise Science  
Bettina Spencer Saint Mary's College Social Psychology Compiled Resources
Josh Pranger   Trine University Social Psychology Principles of Social Psychology
Farah Ali DePauw University Sociolinguistics of Gender and Sexuality Compiled Resources
Yuriko Ikeda   Marian University Spanish for Heritage Speakers Compiled reader in LMS
Daniel Jung   University of Indianapolis Spanish Writing Compiled readings
Andrew Jones Anderson University Sports Nutrition Human Nutrition 2020 Edition
Alisha Miller Anderson University Sports Nutrition Materials from GSSI
Adam Whittredge   Wabash College Stagecraft An introduction to Technical Theatre
Cheryl Kline Trine University Strategic Human Resources Management Strategic Human Resource Management
Kimberly LaComba Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College Strategic Leadership and Management of Global Change Case Studies in Community Psychology
Randi Tucker Barr   Trine University Strategic Marketing Principles of Marketing
Dianna Stankiewicz Anderson University Strategies for Academic Success Blueprint for Success in College and Career
Cynthia Fadem   Earlham College Surface & Groundwater Hydrology Licensed books from DePauw Library
Laura Elder   Saint Mary's Survey 1: Culture & Language Perspectives: An Open Introduction to Cultural Anthropology, 2nd Edition
Ann Taylor   Wabash College Survey of Biochemistry Chemistry & The Basics of General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry
Willis Troy   Anderson University Systems Engineering SEBoK Body of Knowledge resources
Kathy Marra Marian University Talent Management Compiled Resources
Dustin Baily   Hanover College Teaching High School ebooks through Hanover Library
Jennifer Juszkiewicz Saint Mary's College Technical and Professional Writing Compiled Resources
Farah Ali DePauw University The Sociopolitics of Language in the Spanish-Speaking World Compiled Resources
Ryan Long   Huntington University Theatre Management Compiled selections
Zachary Gates   Wabash College Theory of Numbers Compiled readings
Jeff Phillips   Hanover College Thermofluids Engineering A Heat Transfer Textbook, 5th edition
Elizabeth George   Taylor University United States History to 1877 The American Yawp
Tyler Scott Grace College University Physics I University Physics, Vol 1
Justin Murphy Oakland City University US History Since 1877  
Sarah Rowley   DePauw University US Women's History 1890-Present Compiled readings
Timothy Brooks   Hanover College VLSI Design & Computer Aids for VLSI Design
Lisa Farley   Butler University Wagging Walking Wellness Concepts of Fitness and Wellness
Daniel Kachur Trine University World Geography Introduction to World Regional Geography
Kevin Johnson Taylor University World History I