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PALNI’s PALSave Program Featured in Indianapolis Business Journal

Indianapolis Business Journal recently covered PALNI’s PALSave program in their article, “Local academic library organization getting creative to save students big bucks.”

Journalist Anthony Schoettle describes the program goals and initial successes showcasing the true cost-saving potential for students.

“To combat the financial pressures on college students and their families, PALNI has created its affordable learning program, PALSave, with the goal of saving students more than $1 million in five years. Due to the early growth of their initiatives, PALNI officials are confident they'll beat that goal, saving students $1.25 million by mid-2024.”

Note, the article can only be viewed in full using an IBJ subscription. Please contact your local library to see if they have IBJ access or consider purchasing a subscription to keep up with local/regional/state news.