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PALNI Librarians Recognized as OCLC Community Center Top Contributors

In a recent post by the OCLC Next blog article about OCLC's community center, three PALNI librarians are mentioned as top contributors: Heather Loehr from Hanover College, Laura Vogler from Wabash College, and Lisa Gonzalez from PALNI.

Laura Vogler’s article quote summarized the value of the community:

"Each reply to a discussion post essentially becomes the basis for a global database of knowledge, thus a more detailed response not only helps the individual who created the post but anyone who might search the discussions in the future. The saying 'knowledge is power' describes the value of OCLC's Community Center. The more we share and help each other, the more we learn, and that in turn helps to improve the services we provide to our individual institutions and adds value to the work we do. By helping each other, we are also helping OCLC to improve the products we use, and I personally appreciate the fact that OCLC encourages and welcomes each library's contribution to the conversation."

Congratulations to the three of them for their contributions and the power of PALNI in making up such a strong representation in the OCLC community top 16 contributor list!

Read the full article.

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