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Course Redesign Grant Participants 2021-2022

Name Institution Class Textbook choice
Janelle Blunt Anderson University Neuroscience Foundations of Neuroscience
Scott Carr Anderson University Instrumental Analysis LibreTexts Instrumental Analysis
Jon Craton Anderson University Operating Systems Operating Systems and Middleware
Jay Hochstetler Anderson University Business Law Business Law and the Legal Environment
Andrew Jones Anderson University Research in Exercise Science A mixed course-based research approach to Human Physiology
Cara Miller Anderson University Rhetoric and Composition basic Let's get writing: an English composition textbook.
Stephanie Moran Anderson University Critical Thinking Seminar Introduction to Logic and Critical Thinking
Alan Overstreet Anderson University Pastoral Care and Counseling Compiled readings and ebooks. List available here.
Victoria Shaw Anderson University Marketing Research Compiled readings
Laura Stull Anderson University Introduction to Research Methods Research Methods in Psychology
Julia Angstamnn Butler University Agroecology Compiled readings
Lynne Kvapil Butler University Ancient Greek Perspectives Compiled readings
Xiaoqing Liu Butler University GHS 205 An outline history of East Asia to 1200
Chris Roman Butler University Medical Literature Interpretation and EBM Compiled readings
Brian Weidner Butler University Research in Music Education (previously, Research in Music) Social Science Research: Principles, Methods & Practices, 2nd ed
Farah Ali DePauw University Language and Identity in the Latinx Experience Compiled readings
Nipun Chopra DePauw University Brain and Disease Foundations of Neuroscience
Lydia Marshall DePauw University Human Origins Compiled readings
Caitlin McClelland Methvin DePauw University Introductory Spanish Compiled readings
Sarah Rowley DePauw University US Women's History 1890-Present Compiled readings
Tamara Stasik DePauw University Academic Writing Seminar Writing in College
Michele Villinski DePauw University Business Writing Management Communication
Emmett Smith Earlham College Cells, Genes, & Inheritance Biology 2e
Lori Watson Earlham College Inorganic Chemistry Created Chemistry text in LibreTexts
Hilary Florian Franklin College Analytical Chemistry Analytical Chemistry 2.1
Justin P'Pool Franklin College Medicinal Chemistry and Toxicology Environmental Toxicology
Arbin Thapaliya Franklin College Astronomy Astronomy
Wei Wei Franklin College General Chemistry I Chemistry 2e
Brianne Brenneman Goshen College Public Health Policy and Administration Compiled readings
Robert Brenneman Goshen College Latin American Societies and Cultures Compiled readings and podcasts
Dustin Baily Hanover College Teaching High School ebooks through Hanover Library
Tim Brooks Hanover College Control Theory Fundamentals of Control Theory
Rachel Davidson Hanover College Public Communication Speak Out, Call In: Public Speaking as Advocacy
Ed Hall Hanover College Organic Chemistry Organic Chemistry with a Biological Emphasis
Jeffrey Phillips Hanover College Aeronautical Engineering Introduction to Aerospace Structures and Materials
Alexis Smith Hanover College Intermediate German Grenzenlos Deutsch
Jeff Lehman Huntington University Database Management Systems Database Design 2nd Edition
Ryan Long Huntington University Theatre Management Compiled selections
Kevin Miller Huntington University Business Communication Business Communication for Success
Cassie Gohn Manchester University Fundamentals of Human Anatomy Teratology Primer
Pamela Haynes Manchester University Intro to Music Resonances: Engaging music in its cultural context
Joe Messer Manchester University Principles of Management Principles of Management
Stacy Stetzel Manchester University Educational Assessment Digital Workbook on Educational Assessment Design
Rishani De Costa Marian University Introduction to French I Fracais Interactif
Jeffrey Kellogg Marian University Cognitive Science Cognitive Psychology
Sarah Klanderman Marian University Advanced Geometry Introduction to Axiomatic Geometry
Michael Slavkin Marian University Multicultural Counseling JSTOR ebook from Marian Library
Kristopher Steege Marian University Design for Theatre I Theatrical Worlds, Beta Version
Wendy Westphal Marian University Intermediate German I Used library text and OER workbook
Sarah Wilson Oakland City Univesity General Chemistry I Chemistry: Atoms First
Melissa Bialko Saint Mary's Fashion Ethics Compiled resources, including Business Ethics
Jessalyn Bird Saint Mary's (In)famous Women: History, myth and legend Compiled books and selections from Saint Mary's library
Laura Elder Saint Mary's Survey 1: Culture & Language Perspectives: An Open Introduction to Cultural Anthropology, 2nd Edition
Colleen Fitzpatrick Saint Mary's Marketing Communication Launch! Advertising and Promotion in Real Time
Tiffany Bidler Johnson Saint Mary's Modern Art Compiled Resources
Zae Munn Saint Mary's Fundamentals of Music (Theory 1) Compiled Resources
Marjorie Schaeffer Saint Mary's Lifespan Developmental Psychology Human Development
Tara Smithson Saint Mary's Intermediate French Citoyne.Ne.S: Conversation en Fracais
Bettina Spencer Saint Mary's Research Methods in Psychology Created LibreTexts reader
Ty West Saint Mary's Latin American Civilization Compiled selections of open texts
Brian Dewar Taylor University Human Anatomy & Physiology I & II Anatomy & Physiology
Sarah Justice Taylor University Foundations of Cell Biology and Genetics Prinicples of Biology and Cell and Molecular Biology 4e
Randi Tucker Barr Trine University Strategic Marketing Principles of Marketing
Angela Berger Trine University Principles of Biology II Biology 2e
Hannah Ewing Trine University Organizational Behavior Compiled readings
Anna Glowinski Trine University Principles of Biology II Biology 2e
Barbara Molargik-Fitch Trine University Business Law and Ethics Business Law 1
Von Plessner Trine University Micro and Macro Economic Decision Making Boundless Economics
Adelle Schwan Trine University Political Psychology Compiled readings
Catherine Swick Trine University Global Health Public Health Ethics: Global Cases, Practice, and Context.
Daniel Jung University of Indianapolis Spanish Writing Compiled readings
Leah Milne University of Indianapolis American Literature II Writing the Nation
Brad Neil University of Indianapolis Inorganic Chemistry Inorganic Chemistry
Anne Bost & Amanda Ingram Wabash College Human Biology Concepts of Biology
Patrick Burton Wabash College General Biology I Biology 2e
Bradley Carlson Wabash College Comparative Anatomy and Embryology The Dissection of Vertebrates: A Laboratory Manual; through Lilly Library
Eric Olofson Wabash College Child Development Compiled readings
Adam Whittredge Wabash College Stagecraft An introduction to Technical Theatre