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Upskilling developers and investing in the open-source community

Hyku for Consortia awards scholarships for Samvera developer training

Building and sustaining a constantly evolving open-source community, even for the most seasoned developers, can be challenging. Recognizing this, Hyku for Consortia (an initiative of PALNI and PALCI) took a proactive step to upskill professionals and bolster the Samvera open repositories community by awarding scholarships for SoftServ-hosted developer training late last year.

Two developers, Jennifer Anton of Temple University and Chad Mills of Rutgers University, were awarded $6,845 each to participate in a series of workshops designed by Software Services by (SoftServ), the Hyku Commons service provider, in consultation with Samvera community members. The training was structured to be hands-on, ensuring participants gained practical skills to support the technology and sustain the community.

“I appreciate the opportunity to participate in the training,” says Anton. “It gave me a chance to learn more about Hyku with support from the trainers and I am looking forward to working more with Hyku in the future.”

"I am extremely grateful to PALCI and PALNI for the opportunity to attend this training," adds Mills. "The comprehensive multi-week course deepened my understanding of Hyku/Samvera, and I was able to gain new skills and knowledge that can be used to inform our future digital repository endeavors."

At the heart of this initiative lies a commitment to the sustainability and growth of the Samvera community. By investing in developer skill-building, Hyku for Consortia not only enhances the capabilities of individuals but also strengthens the collective knowledge base. This, in turn, translates to better support for the Samvera platforms and related technologies, fostering innovation and resilience within the community.


The impact of supporting developer training extends far beyond the individuals directly involved. By equipping developers with the tools and knowledge needed to navigate the complexities of the Samvera ecosystem, Hyku for Consortia contributes to a more vibrant and inclusive community. With more skilled developers at the helm, the community is better positioned to address challenges, implement enhancements, and ensure the longevity of Samvera-based solutions.

“Even for an experienced Rails engineer, there is a daunting learning curve for Samvera newcomers before they can develop the skills that allow their institution to be self-sustaining,” says Kevin Kochanski, SoftServ Client Liaison. “The Samvera Community can only continue to thrive if institutions can be self-sustaining and if a critical mass of engineers can contribute.  SoftServ devised our Samvera developer training workshop series in response to a community need for a resource to enhance skills and give engineers the tools to sharpen their expertise.  I'm thrilled that Hyku for Consortia recognized the value of the opportunity with their support of the additional training for two individuals.”

Looking ahead

As Samvera technologies continue to evolve and the demand for digital repositories grows, professional development opportunities like these become increasingly vital. By staying ahead of the curve and investing in skill development, the Samvera community can adapt to change, drive innovation, and set new standards in open-source collaboration.

Hyku for Consortia, along with SoftServ and the Samvera community, will continue to prioritize skill development and partnerships, ensuring that together we can overcome challenges and achieve new heights in building and sustaining open-source technologies. 

Visit Hyku for Consortia, SoftServ, and Samvera online for more information.