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Crisis Communication Toolkit

This toolkit is intended to assist PALNI libraries in preparing crisis communication plans in advance to communicate bad news during various crises effectively.

Developing Your Crisis Communication Plan

This introduction explains why it is important to prepare for a potential crisis.

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Gathering and Maintaining Crisis-Ready Information

Gather information, identify your communication team, and prepare to respond.

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Assessing Your Library's Crisis Potential

Identify the scenarios that would most likely affect your library.

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Developing a Plan Outline

Capture the critical aspects of a response at the surface level

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Creating Ready Responses

Prepare and practice talking points in advance.

Develop talking points

Post-Crisis Opportunities

Lessons to take away when the dust settles.

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Resources and Templates

See examples of potential crises and how to respond using resources from this toolkit.

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Best Practices

Communication guidelines to keep in mind when delivering bad news.

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This toolkit credits the following individuals and resources.

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