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How We Develop PALNI Strategic Services

Accessible Version

  • Pictured is a graphic titled How We Develop PALNI Strategic Services with the PALNI logo in the upper right corner.
  • Below the title, the subtitle reads: Meeting Your Campus's Needs.
  • Below the title is an infographic. A "hand-drawn" arrow points from the title to the infographic (decorative element).
  • The infographic is circular shaped, with rounded rectangles on top, bottom, left and right of the circle. The rounded rectangles are number 1 through 4. Between the rectangles are arrows pointing chronologically from 1 to 2, 2 to 3, and 3 to 4, with 4 pointing back to 1.
    • Rectangle 1 reads: Campus library staff listen to their students' and faculty's academic needs.
    • Rectangle 2 reads: Individual campus library staff share the needs of their students and faculty with PALNI staff and other library staff in the PALNI consortium.
    • Rectangle 3 reads: PALNI community work together in and with various groups to create innovative solutions for the campus's shared needs. 
    • Rectangle 4 reads: Ideas and efforts generated by PALNI library staff create and/or approve upon PALNI services and initiatives to best meet the needs of the campus students and faculty.
  • Within the circle at the center of the rectangles are an outside ring and center. The outside ring is divided into four sections. 
    • The top section in the circle's outside ring reads: approx. 47,500 faculty and students with a quote bubble that says "Our Needs" coming out of an icon resembling students in grad caps.
    • The right section reads: approx. 150 ALL library staff across PALNI schools + PALNI staff = PALNI community. Icons of people are pictured to represent library staff and PALNI staff. There is a quote bubble directing from all library staff across PALNI schools that reads "Campus Needs."
    • The bottom section pictures an icon of a lightbulb over a gear shaped graphic. On each side of the lightbulb are icons of people. There are also outlines of four people surrounding the lightbulb. Under the people on the left are the words PALNI community. The people on the right (there are three) are stacked and there are blue circles underneath each. The top figure is labeled Other Consortia. The second figure is labeled Vendors. The third figure is labeled Outside Groups. 
    • The left section contains a rounded rectangle with the words PALNI Service & Initiative inside. A red badge with the word New! lays over the rounded rectangle on the left side. A blue circle with a check mark inside also lays over the rounded rectangle, on the right side. Beneath the rounded rectangle is a lightbulb icon with an arrow pointing to the rounded rectangle. 
  • At the center of the circle graphic are the words: All PALNI Board* with Strategy & Budget underneath.
  • Below the entire infographic is a line of text that reads: PALNI is focused on cost containment and savings which is illustrated in the 2020-2023 Strategic Framework.
  • Below the text are two references. The first reads: See more: "PALNI Statement on Supported Institutions Financial Challenges," with a link to that page. The second reference reads: PALNI 2020-2023 Strategic Framework, with a link to that page. 
  • Below the references is small note that reads: Collective student and faculty number based on IPEDS data pulled March 2020.
  • At the bottom of the entire image is the PALNI color bar (decorative element).