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Checklist for evaluating open educational resources (OER): Breadth or perspectives and accuracy


The checklist lists eight criteria to evaluate OER, in terms of breadth of perspectives and accuracy.  It is included on the web page to help readers how to evaluate OER for their courses. 

Checklist items

  • The information in the OER is accurate
  • The OER provides appropriate coverage of material in a clear logical manner
  • The OER reflects accurate and recent scholarship in terms of subject matter
  • The OER provides a thorough and evenhanded exploration of course content
  • The OER reflects multiple perspectives and points of view on course topics
  • Controversies within the discipline/program are discussed with sufficient scope for the course learning outcome and objectives
  • The OER provides theoretical perspectives for the topic, addressing major theories appropriately 
  • The OER contains no spelling errors or typos


Underneath the header Breadth of Perspectives and Accuracy, the checklist lists the eight criteria in a bulleted format. Each bullet is a square, resembling a check box.