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The 5 R's of OER


The infographic shows the “5 R’s” of Open Educational Resources (OER)—Retain, Reuse, Revise, Remix, Redistribute—and describes what each means in terms of using OER. The infographic is included on the web page to show that a truly open resource is licensed to be, or allow, each of those elements. Users can copy, share, edit, mix, keep, and use OER without having to seek permission from the creator.


The infographic starts with a title that reads “The 5 R’s of OER” and lists each “R” inside a pennant-shaped area along with a description of each. The pennants are lined up vertically in the following order:

  • Retain
    • Description: Find, save, and use OER content. Download what you need, keep it on your own devices.
  • Reuse
    • Description: Use OER content as it exists currently. Put it to use as often as you need.
  • Revise
    • Description: Adapt, adjust and modify existing OER content. Make small- or large-scale changes to suit your needs.
  • Remix
    • Description: Combine multiple pieces to make something new. Blend existing material and add in your own touches.
  • Redistribute
    • Description: Share your OER with others. Release your revisions and remixes into the community.