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Commitment to Deep Collaboration

PALNI_LOGO_DeepCollaboration_2018PALNI library directors are committed to “deep collaboration” between the supported institutions. Our libraries have been collaborating on a shared software system since 1992 and have continued to expand to new areas and methods of partnerships.

In order to provide the evolving services that our users need while containing costs, PALNI has become more deliberate in approaches to working together. PALNI has moved from sharing an ILS, expertise, and the occasional project to more broadly sharing resources, including staff.

By reducing the duplication of effort, this deeper collaboration allows PALNI libraries to enable staff to focus, explore, and innovate to more effectively address needs and provide better service to students and faculty.


  • Deep Collaboration is goal based, done for the right reasons.
  • Deep Collaboration requires a common need and problem-solving skills as well as trust, respect, and understanding of each other.
  • Deep Collaboration uses the partnership of PALNI to do more together than any institution can do alone. It is a deliberate attempt to handle issues at a larger scale than a single institution could do alone, allowing each institution to benefit from the work of the others.
  • Deep Collaboration builds on strengths, shared efficiency, and reduced borders to eliminate duplication, address knowledge and service gaps, and develop expertise to meet current and future campus needs.
  • Deep Collaboration can occur PALNI-wide, in subsets of PALNI, and in partnership with people and organizations external to PALNI.
  • Deep Collaboration requires local administrative and staff input and buy-in on this method of extending capacity and services through communicating the value, structure, and support of the deep collaboration.
  • Deep Collaboration provides library staff with opportunities to try and learn new things and to have responsibility on a larger stage.

*Approved by the PALNI Board, February 17, 2016